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Professional Doula Support 

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Now affiliated with North Dallas Doula Associates

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Journey of life

Sweet mother.

Welcome to this space of sweet expectations.

I'd be honored to guide you. My work is to share in this time of learning and sacred preparation.


To aide you in the journey of a life time. My job is to ensure new mother have the systems, insight and confidence to find flow in their motherhood journey.


Pregnancy is sacred, and birthing people require extra protection.

Birth becomes dangerous when mothers disconnect from themselves and their inner knowing and/or do not advocate for themselves or communicate effectively with their birth assisting staff.

Birthing empowered with support is natural and normal.


Birthing is safe.

The gestation period is safe.


You are built for birth.

You are strong. You can do this.

Your body knows what to do.

Trust your body and empower your mind.

Repeat: "I am prepared for the path my birth takes."

I support mothers who want to be the decision makers and set the tone for their birthing suite. 

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“It was truly a blessing to have you on my birth team. I was definitely not prepared for what it would be like afterwards, but your kindness, patience, and wonderful demeanor made my birth experience so much better. You truly were amazing & I can't thank you enough for taking such great care of us."

— S. Mohiuddin

— Name, Title

"You took care of me, Jonathan and Julianna when I was a brand new mom. I'll never forget how fun you were and how you made me feel at ease! You gave me the confidence as a new mom when everything was so overwhelming. Thank you!"

— P. Amadio

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Image by Kelly Sikkema
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