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Book Hourly Services

Book any of these hourly services with me.

Birthing Room

Birth Consultation 

Home birth or hospital birth? OB/GYN or Midwife? What about water birth? Do I need a doula? What kind of doula do I need? I have more questions about birth and need support to make some birthing decisions. If this is you, you, book a one hour over-the-phone birth consultation with me.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy/Postpartum 

Yoga is a great way to destress, calm and nourish the mind and body. We focus on deepening the mind-body-baby connection and your capacity for deep diaphragmatic breathing. Yoga for pregnancy session will focus on physical preparation for birth. Yoga for postpartum session will focus on restoring core and pelvic floor strength and tone. 

(Postpartum sessions can be Mommy and me) 

Personal Prenatal Visit - 2hr visit

Image by Alicia Petresc

Are you a pregnant mama, craving some connection and in-person assistance?

In a personal prenatal visit, we discuss concerns about baby and family. This session serves to help mom decompress. I offer emotional support and resources. I am available for baby prep work including organization, laundry, and nursery set up, etc.

During our time together, my clients gain access to: 

--a non-diagnostic personal use fetal heart doppler 

--a digital blood pressure reader 

A little cute baby with earrings piercing.jpg

Mobile Infant Ear Piercing 

Infant Earlobe Piercing will be done with a single sterilized 20g needle. A 20g implant grade titanium stud earring with a screw on back will be used for the initial piercing. 

Ears will be cleaned and  marked to guardian's satisfaction.


Piercing will be made and jewelry will be placed. Aftercare instructions will be provided.

Infants must be at least 4 months old and received 2 doses of TDAP vaccine, if desired by parents.  

Healing time is 6 weeks

Birth consultations calls may be booked directly. If you are interested in doula, yoga, or personal prenatal services or a combination you can book a FREE discovery call for more information or send an email to

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