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The Art of Allure: Unearth your Feminine Magnetism

Lets talk about allure. One of my favorite things about embodying femininity as a woman is the magnetism you can create. Our world is a masculine world. Some of us allow this fact to disempower us. That is the power of perception. IF our masculine world was the night sky, each woman embodying her femininity is a star that illuminates in the vast darkness. Allure is the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.

In the age of social media, attention and validation are now a click away. One issue with experiencing life through our phone screens is that our social skills are lacking.

How do we as women create that coveted magnetism in our personality? That is the question we will answer here today. Many of us may feel like we have already mastered the art of allure. This feminine art has been mistaken for “luring,” using overtly sexual lures aka thirst trapping. There is nothing wrong with casting a line with some good bait. Luring is a distance sport, great for social media.

Allure, on the other hand, is an embodiment. Allure is state of being, excellent in face to face encounters. Allure is how you attract someone to you and create the fascination that keeps them coming back over and over and over again. Allure is how someone becomes entranced in the beauty of a flower AND commits themselves to tending to it daily; to watch it bloom and see it beauty continue to unfold. Allure is the difference between sparking lust and creating love. It is one of our greatest feminine powers.

The Feminine Mystique

Let’s talk about the Feminine Mystique. This is where the world’s persisting intrigue with the divinity of the feminine essence and form, hails from. Women are a mystery as old as time. We bloom and develop so many layers to our complex personalities. We have many distinct roles to fill in our daily lives. We are lifetime bloomers and change with the seasons, always leaving something new for the world to discover. Our feminine essence continues to proliferate. We continue to bloom where we are planted; always adapting and ever thriving as we do our part in helping to expand this universe.

Feminine Magnetism

Feminine Magnetism is how the feminine woman creates the polarity that draws everything to her. When I say everything, I mean everything. Good and bad. Better yet, beneficial and less than beneficial. Being alluring helps us amplify our magnetism, allowing us to attract bigger and better things. Magnetism works because of polarity. Polarity takes two very different or oppositional energies and it makes them very attracted to one another. In the case of the masculine and feminine polarities, opposites attract. The more we focus on increasing our feminine energy, the more attractive we become to the masculine energy. Being intentional about your magnetism is key. Here are five ways to magnify your feminine magnetism:

1. Embrace the Silence

“There is just something about her. I can’t quite put my finger on it.” That my darlings, is intrigue. The feminine woman sparks intrigue in those around her. This quality of creating fascination is one feminine trait that continues to stand the test of time. We can be mysterious creatures, constantly reinventing ourselves.

Fascination is a type of power, to capture attention and hold on to it. But it requires mystery. People love to be puzzled. So, embrace the silence. Talk less. Listen more. Listen to your inner self. Once in while, listen to others. Remember, when you focus in. They focus in.😉

2. Look Your Best

The feminine woman knows the power of the first impression and every impression after that. Leave them captivated. She knows her looks are part of her greatest power. She uses her looks to speak volumes. The world of fashion has created a wide range of options for woman’s style. Develop your personal style. Curate your look to control how you are perceived and your perception of yourself. This is the power of clothing.

Treat each outfit as a costume, a way to step into a new way of being. Sometimes we may feel like we do not have the time or energy to look our very best. This is why I have a twenty-minute best and a two hour best. Treat the energy you put into your look as an investment. Appearance is not everything, but perception is. The feminine woman know how harness the power of her looks. She is not ruled by them. She rules by them.

3. Adorn Yourself

Adornment allows the feminine woman to take her look to the next level. Accessories used to be a feminine past time, now even men’s fashion has begun using the power of accessories to create interest, fascination and intrigue in their outfits. If a good outfit is the cake, great accessories are the icing. They immediately elevate an outfit and create sparkle.

Look at every piece as a statement piece. Adornment is our opportunity to magnify our feminine presence. There is magic in reliving the de ja vu sparked by the notes of a potent perfume. There is magic in the music of metal bracelets clinking together. So adorn. Embellish. All the fabulousness of frills, flowers, bows and bracelets, these are the physical differentiators between feminine energy and masculine energy. Not only are they fun to wear, but they help emphasize the polarity between our sexes. This is where the attraction and magnetism come in. Masculine energy is lured by these things.

4. Indulge in Sensual Pleasures

The feminine woman knows how to enjoy the pleasures that come with being in a physical body. Our five senses are how we experience this world. Our experiences are how we learn more about ourselves and our place on this planet. Interacting with nature will offer infinite insights into beauty. After all, Mother Earth has a bounty of beautiful things. Surround yourself with beautiful objects and scents.

Take time to listen to beautiful, uplifting music. Purchase fabrics that feel luxe on the skin. Eat the foods that make you smile warmly from inside. Allow yourself to indulge in the things that bring you physical pleasure. Pleasure is a gift from the divine to the feminine woman. It is a higher calling to have such refined tastes. The feminine woman allows herself to be attracted to these things. She allows herself to be drawn in by the divinity that lives in beauty. She knows that to be attractive, you must be attracted.

5. Develop Your Feminine Mannerisms

There are so many nuances to the feminine woman. Tiny little ways of being that are particular to the feminine energy. Speak with a softer tone. Use more passive language. Cross the legs when seated.

Sway the hips when walking. Playing with the hair. Smile before speaking. Head Tilting. Slow Blinking. There are things that women do that men do not do. Do those things. These mannerisms help to accentuate our femininity and increase fascination.

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