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The Art of Invitation: Open up to the Approach

One of the magical, mystical arts of the feminine is the sacred art of invitation. Our magnetism is the flash and flicker of the lure, but our openness is our vitality. We are the sacred channels, a subtle glimpse of the sweeter side of divinity.

What is The Feminine Mystique?

This is the world’s persisting intrigue with the divinity of the feminine essence and form. Women are a mystery as old as time. We bloom and develop so many layers to our complex personalities. We have many distinct roles to fill in our daily lives. We are lifetime bloomers and change with the seasons, always leaving something new for the world to discover.

Our feminine essence continues to proliferate. We continue to bloom where we are planted; always adapting and ever thriving as we do our part in helping to expand this universe.

Consider our own sacred channel. Warm. Flowing. Enveloping. She is the trueness of what we are called to embody. The mystery that begs the question: what’s inside? This is the art of invitation.


Our nature is sensual. A critical part of our physical existence is the need to be felt and touched. Warmth is the magic in a touch. In our character, warmth is an openness and willingness to change. Warmth represents our vitality. It gives vibrancy to our character and is our fountain of youth.

Flowing. Without Friction. Ease.

Our connection to flow is the next aspect of our invitation. Choosing to be in a state of flow asks us to embrace the present moment and offer lubrication in the form of a natural effortlessness. To be accepting, to fully allow, there has to be a sense of ease. Ease allows for movement without friction. It asks us to be without resistance, accepting and welcoming to what we have attracted and accepted as our own.


The ability to envelop or engulf is another key part of our essence. Adaptability and responsiveness. The ability to be receptive and cling to something is the ability to know it well. We can know something at great depth after we have tended to it. When you have held space and fully connected enough that you can predict and accommodate it.

Develop your sense of warmth. Seek out your flow state in each present moment. Be enveloping, fully allowing your essence to be penetrated in exchange for a deeper sense of knowing. That is the depth of our invitation.

How can we apply the Art of Invitation in our immediate reality? How do we position ourselves to be approached in our everyday lives? How to be more approachable?

Here are five of my most effective ways:

1) Smile

So many women are at a loss on what to do when they meet someone who they may be interested in. It is so simple, I promise. It is so simple that you should be doing it before you spot them, and after they’ve had the pleasure of meeting you.

Smile. They are attracted like bees to the honey that is the sweetness of your joy.

2) Open Posturing

To be open and inviting, we have to open up our body language. Unfold your arms. Unclench your fists. Do not attempt to hide in plain sight.

If you are struggling with the natural inclination to shield your body from gaze, there are lingering insecurities to address and overcome. The warmth of our reception is where they find ease in the approach.

3) Eye Contact

If you are hoping to make a soul connection, you must know the eyes are the window. Eye contact is essential. The eyes keep few secrets. Get comfortable with your own gaze in the mirror, first. Then master the language of eye contact.

The eyes can convey fear, rage, concern, disinterest, and most importantly, desire without a word. Relentless eye contact is how a feminine woman can take an active approach in engaging a potential interest.

4) Peacocking

Be visually and aesthetically exquisite. Be a sight for sore eyes. There are few things I will say that a woman SHOULD be. But as feminine women, we are called to be a sensual buffet.

We are innately sensual beings and often the masculine engages with the senses though feminine encounters. The way a peacock fans its feathers, we also must first stand out to be seen and then approached.

5) Chat with Strangers

The divine feminine is the spirit of connection. The openness with which we receive strangers is a testament to our receptive nature. Our elevation is made possible by the connections we make. Chat with strangers. Practice your small talk.

Elevate your responses. Listen well and dive deep with follow up questions. Make a true attempt to engage with others. Our society is transactional, so often this means fishing for connection with the bait of our own vulnerability.

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