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What does a doula do?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Doula support looks different based on the needs of our client. This is why a consultation is necessary to begin establishing a trusting relationship.

A doula can help the birthing client cope with labor pains through emotional presence, verbal encourage, and encouragement to help ease physical and emotional stress and allow the progression of labor.

Doulas also offer education and informational support throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. My goal is to ensure that my clients receive fully informed about options, standard procedures, with informed consent as the highest goal.

Doula work can look like:

  • encouraging words

  • light supportive touch

  • physical support in labor

  • hydration support

  • education and information

  • extra set of hands for family

  • support measures specific to the client

A doula is a powerful ally for couples, mothers who are planning to labor on their own due to a partner that cannot be present due to military service or work outside the country.

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