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Postpartum Support

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How can I help?

Baby is here. Now what? I am here to support you in the first days, weeks, or month of your newborns life. Postpartum services are for all mothers seeking support in nourishing their new baby and helping integrate this new member into the family. My services are not limited to this list, but can be personalized for each family.

This service is booked at an hourly rate of $35/hr days and $40/hr nights with a minimum of three hours per session.

Maternal Postpartum Support

- Physical postpartum recovery assistance

            - Including breastfeeding support, encouragement, and reassurance

- Emotional support and companionship (including on-call email, phone, and text support)

- Light meal preparation to nourish postpartum 

- Help facilitating baby's first visitors to lessen mommy's anxiety

Infant Care Postpartum Support

- Direct assistance with newborn care

- Newborn care parental education (feeding, sleeping, soothing, bathing, etc.)

- Assistance establishing a feeding/sleeping schedule and a daily routine

- Promoting age-appropriate sleep habits and a healthy sleep environment

Additional Postpartum Support

- Education on newborn safety practices

- Providing evidence-based answers regarding appropriate newborn behaviors

-  Light baby-related housekeeping and organization

          (ie; cleaning/sterilizing/prepping bottles or breast pump parts and baby laundry)

- Assist in promoting physical and emotional partner support and bonding/attachment

- Assist with siblings and pets integration to new family unit.

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*Current Bundle and Save Deals 

$300 - (9 hours of support) three 3-hour sessions

$500 - (15 hours of support) five 3-hour sessions

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