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Pandemic Response: Due to many hospitals not allowing more than 1 support person in labor and delivery, Hol Doula offers the option for virtual labor support package. See details below.

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we can offer the warm and loving support of a doula to you wherever you are. Get the support you need in navigating birthing during the pandemic.

Virtual Doula Support

Birth your way with my virtual support.

Virtual Doula 

Full birth doula support via phone/video call

  • One 30 minute initial consultation via video chat or phone

  • 2 prenatal meetings to discuss options during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum via phone, FaceTime or Zoom

  • Available via email, phone and text with any questions regarding your labor and birth experience from 16 weeks until 12 weeks after birth

  • Birth plan creation assistance

  • 24/7 on call support from 38 weeks gestation until baby is born

  • Phone call availability during labor to help assist with birth options, answer questions and help deciding when to head to birthing location

  • 1 postpartum meeting to discuss birth experience and offer virtual lactation support

Doula Chat Session 

Schedule a session to discuss birth concerns

  • 60 minute phone session

  • Topics may include: labor and birthing options, birth plan creation, labor and birth options, inductions, postpartum planning and delegation

SOLO Support Person Course

Coming soon

  • This course is for any birthing person's live support member, but it is especially geared to getting expectant fathers prepared for birth support measures.

  • Review birth plan aspects and introduce common birth vocabulary and expectations for birth and informed consent. 

  • Offers support person guides to physical, emotional, and verbal techniques to sooth laboring partner

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